Jason Reitman and I

Shot By Jason Reitman – Juno, George Clooney, Me.

Promoting his latest film Up In The Air, filmmaker Jason Reitman decided to turn the focus back on the media. First their was this pie chart, detailing the most frequently asked questions he received. Cute. Though the idea that you’re going to talk to the director of a George Clooney film and not ask about the star is pretty ludicrous. Then came this video:

It sounds like a tagline for a very bad rom-com: “3 Months. 3oo Interviews…. A Complete and Utter Blur.” Reitman photographed every single journalist who spoke to him across Europe and North America these past few months and then strung them together. It unspools at quite a clip, so I was quite chuffed to manage to find myself in the mix. Just after The Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye. Read more

Almodóvar: Noughties but Nice


I’ve just added three reviews of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar’s work this decade: Bad Education (2004), Volver (2007) and this year’s Broken Embraces. For me, Almodóvar is one of the very best directors working today and each piece was written for the release of its respective film, a few years apart. Read more

London Film Festival Diary #15

185 features, 133 shorts, over 400 separate screenings, over 500 visiting filmmakers and highest ever audience attendances – the figures for the 51st London Film Festival sound impressive, but we all know statistics can unspool any story. The real question is very simple: was LFF 51 worth watching? Read more

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